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NEXT UPCOMING PERFORMANCES / 12th & 13th of October at 20h

Desire is the first step to generate movement. Any desire, the most basic one, the most primary, need a movement to be achieve.
In order to go “there” first we need to accept that we’re here.
In order to get somewhere first we need to move.

The 15 dancers of BA2 from the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp will be guided through a dynamic and successive production of movements, exploring the idea of desire and the inner strength that appear naturally in any first action.

This piece/ritual will be accompanied by the drummer Julian Vleminckx.

Performers: Thjerza Balaj, Jacopo Buccino, Janka De Waele, Mar Grifoll Ginata, Kaori Ishiguro, Marco Manzoni Barbero, Lucía Nieto Vera, Anne-Lene Noldner, Jasmine Norton , Magdalena Quiroz , Mathias Skole , Mathias Theisen Pedersen, Dries Verstreepen, Miriam Wascher and John-William Watson.

Live Music: Julian Vleminckx
Directed By: Agostina D’Alessandro

Venue: DeSingel – Desguinlei 25 . B-2018 Antwerpen / Gele Zaal
Date: October 12th & 13th at 20h

Reservations are needed at:

Awaekening the Body Intelligence



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