Agostina has developed a trilogy of workshops that can be taken in a progressive order or individually. This trilogy has been thought as an organic and natural evolution preparing the student to integrate the material effectively.

This is an overview of the most important criteria build into each of the workshops:

Awakening the body intelligence # 1

The principles for efficient use of anatomy

This workshop is an introduction to the methodology that Agostina use to approach movement material. It is meanly a technical workshop were we develop and investigate body principles and anatomy. We examine and analyse the functions of: muscles, articulations, body fluids, bonds structures, alignment and weight. Fundamental physics laws are studied as well in order to experience them trough movement. The phrase that could define this workshop is: Minimum effort, maximum effectiveness.

Awakening the body intelligence # 2

Compositional Body

This workshop is base on the exploration of compositional tools. We study the following elements:  space (inside/outside), time (length and rhythm), focus, actions, listening, support, intuition and intelligence. We also research the specificities of solos, duets, trios and group dynamics. By the end of the workshop “the piece” start to be the main object of study.

Awakening the body intelligence # 3

Performing Skills

This workshop is the last part of the trilogy “Awakening the body Intelligence”.  The trilogy is focused in the following order: developing mechanical access to the body (#1), using this body to compose the space (#2) and in this workshop the direction is given to develop  “performing skills”.

Firstly, we explore the use of sound and the ability to create text. Then enlarge the awareness of: beginnings and ends of a piece, length and clarity of actions observation and recognition of the internal dramaturgy of a piece.

Meeting The Other

Exploring the foundations of partnering work

This workshop explores the foundations of partnering work or contact.

The first sense that the Human Being develops is touch. Already in the belly of the mother, this first sense is the beginning of our connection with the other.  It is through touch that we realize the borders in between my body / your body.

When working on accessing our own body, we can’t avoid the fact that this very first experience – of being in contact with another - has left a memory in our cells, certain knowledge.  This primal information is a skill acquired through experience and ready to be “re-connect”, in order to serve the ability of being in contact with another body and, eventually, create a duet.