Creative Process

Creative Process

Dance Improvisation Performances | Methodology

The projects have always the same structure: 2 intense weeks (minimum) of research about dance improvisation performance principles.

During these 2 intense weeks of creation the dancers/students are confronted with the inner process of dance improvisation as an art form.

They learn to develop the following elements: a body-mind state that allows creativity to flow; the ability to compose with and read/use the space; to recognise the “focus” or main action that is leading the piece; to be precise and refine tools of expression such as movement/voice/text, and to finally put all these elements at the service of the “dramaturgy”.

The 2 weeks always end in a public performance with at least 2 shows (this is essential for them to experience the concept of “there is no repetition”).

Every creation is organised around a clear concept and has a specific title, which gives a clear context to the work and allows the student/dancer to experience a professional project/creation where the teaching comes through the process.

If you are interested in creating a Dance Improvisation Project in your institution, please contact: [email protected]

Creative Process

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