Conscious Release Workshop


Conscious Release Workshop

Conscious Release Workshops

This workshop is an immersion into the Conscious Release method.
The application of this technique optimizes the body perception by building awarness towards the current state and abilities of the dancer.  The body becomes a boarderless tool for the dancer's imagination and its dance patterns.   
By using the contemplation of inner space and through the release of tension, an effective means to stop habitual patterns and formal movements in the dance arises. Full creativity can than be experienced and form appears only to serve a unique expression: the present moment.

What professional dancers says about Conscious Release:

"By applying the Conscious Release technique i felt like I could keep moving endlessly. Tiredness does rarely appear and when it does, the body embrasses it like any other feeding element to continue to serve the imagination. The mind doesn't decide what to do or how to do it, the hyper-sensitivity guides you through the events in a state close to meditation"

Gilles Noël

"Working with this technique I feel that the state of consciousness, awareness modifie my body perception in a way that I no longer consider my physical limitations as mine. Through the release, my body is moving in its most natural way empowered by the endless possibilities of the anatomy"

Marie Luyten

"By applying this method I developed a heightened sense of awareness. Like a continues 360 degrees image of the space that is constantly updating itself "

Samuel Baidoo