Dance Pedagogy


Dance Pedagogy

Agostina D’Alessandro’s work has its base in deep research into the understanding of body mechanics. This understanding has its roots in the fluid communication between body and mind, linked through the expansion of awareness.

After many year of professional dance experience during which she experimented with several different body techniques, she started creating her own work following her intuition about how to increase the body’s capacity to achieve an extraordinary and personal dance.

She creates a methodology, Conscious Release , were the dancer is encouraged to expand his owns abilities, learning to connect their inner experience -what I’m doing with my body- with deliberate use of body language, to create and develop their own vocabulary.

Once the student has developed and integrated this “body quality”, the next step is to make use of it to create pieces.

As a teacher she has taught dance technique and improvisation for performance workshops in severals dance schools such as Fontys Dance Academy, Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp, Garage29, Studio Thor, Ultima Vez Studio, De!KunstHumaniora Dance School, Platform K, Eix Festival, MOVIMENTA Festival in Sicily and was invite to participate at DANZAVALA - Vitoria, Université de Lille - DU, among others. She has taught dance in Belgium, Mexico, Holland, Argentina, Croatia, France, Spain and Italy.

Agostina’s work had receive an artistic research grant from Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles Danse to continue developing and researching the method Conscious Release.